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Höyhensaari dog bed covers, Stone

Höyhensaari dog bed, colour stone

We offer matching spare cover for the Höyhensaari dog bed. Having a spare cover for the Höyhensaari dog bed, makes the laundry days easier. With spare covers you can also renew the dog bed to match your home decor and give more years to your dog's own favourite place to sleep when the inner cushion is still in good condition after years of daily use.

The changable cover is made from sturdy yet soft 100 % denim-like cotton, colour Stone (soft grey brown). The machine washable spare cover for the Höyhensaari dog bed is available in two size: S & M. 

S - 80x60x12 cm
M - 100x80x12 cm

Cover machine washable 
Upholstery quality
No "easy care" chemical treatment

75,00 €

Further details

Cover - 100 % cotton (oeko-tex standard 100)

The Höyhensaari dog bed spare cover can be machine washed.

Remove spills by blotting gently with clean cloth. To protect the fibres handle with care. Wash with delicate setting (cold, max. 30 ˚C - 65-85 F, gentle machine cycle). Mild eco-friendly detergent is recommended. Dry flat in an airy space. Do not tumble dry or bleach. We also recommend regular vacuuming.

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