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Hali wool dog blanket

Woolen Hali dog blanket
  • Woolen Hali dog blanket
  • Hali wool dog blanket
  • Woolen Hali dog blanket

The Hali wool dog blanket is made from undyed wool from a small sheep farm. Wool shields your dog from the cold and damp, and makes your dog feel comfortable. The Hali dog blanket is perfect for keeping your dog warm on the floor, in the dog bed or on the couch. The light dog blanket is easy to roll for travel. Hali wool dog blanket is also good when travelling; spread it in your car or in the dog’s own cage for warmth and comfort.

The wool in the Hali dog blanket is naturally dirt repellent. The wool dog blanket is washable by hand or using a wool cycle.

S – 80 x 60 cm
M – 100 x 80 cm

69,00 €

Further details

Material - undyed 100 % wool, Lithuania

The Hali dog blanket is machine washable using a gentle wool cycle, max 30 °C. Please use only mild detergent and no rinse aid. After washing, dry in a well-ventilated place, flat if possible, no tumble drying. When properly maintained, the dog blanket remains fresh for a long time.

We also recommend vacuuming the dog blanket regularly and removing larger stains immediately. Regular airing is also good for the woollen dog blanket.

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