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Herkku dog food storage bag

Herkku koiran kuivaruoan säilytyspussi, vahattu pellava - musta

Herkku dog food storage bag is designed for storing dry dog food sacks. Herkku storage bag is made from naturally waxed linen and is a delight to keep in the kitchen. Waxed linen is moisture-repellent; the perfect material for keeping dry food fresh, but we recommend storing dry food in its own sack.

The modestly beautiful Herkku dog food storage bag has an unlimited number of uses. The storage bag can be used to hide away your dog’s toys or other supplies. The uses are pretty much endless!

Herkku dog food storage bag made from high-quality waxed linen is not only beautiful. It is also the perfect alternative storage solution to plastic.

Herkku storage bag is available in grey and black.

Small 30x40 cm | designed for 2kg dry dog food sack
Medium 40x60 cm | designed for 7,5 kg dry dog food sack
Large 50x70 cm | designed for 2kg dry dog food sack


Further details

Made from 100% linen waxed with vegetable resin extracted from pine tree
Rope 100% linen

Machine wash 30 C (warm, 105 F) with a delicate setting. Shape by hand before drying. The product may shrink a maximum of 5 % in the first wash.

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