Matte Finish Ole hyvä ceramic dog bowl

Ole hyvä  koiran ruokakulho
  • Ole hyvä  koiran ruokakulho
  • Ole hyvä koiran ruokakulho
  • Ole hyvä koiran ruokakulho, väri laakso (matta sinivihreä)
  • Ole hyvä koiran ruokakulho, väri sumu (matta harmaa)


The minimalist design of the Ole hyvä dog bowl is a prime example of timeless Nordic beauty and will fit right into your contemporary home decor. The design delicately narrows towards the top of the bowl. We know how eager dogs can get when they eat. This shape makes it easy for your dog to eat without the food ending up all over your floor. The heavy casting on the bottom of the bowl ensures that it remains stable. 

Our high-quality materials and Finnish production guarantee that your Ole hyvä bowl is timeless in both design and use. We use high-quality stoneware and food grade glaze, so the bowls are both beautiful and safe for your four-legged friend. The bowl is safe to use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

The harmonious color palette is inspired by nature –

Valley - deep matte blue green
Fof - sof matte grey

Handmade in Finland

21,75 €
Recommended price
29,00 €

Further details

Design Maarit Kallio
Implementation Ceramist Jari Puttonen 

Material - Food grade quality ceramics
Dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe.

Size S
13,5 cm diameter / 3,7 cm high 
volume 0,3 l

Size Medium
16 cm diameter / 6,5 cm high
(6,3" x 2,6")
volume 0,8 l

Size Large
21 cm diameter / 8,5 cm high 
(8,27" x 3,35")
volume 1,6 l

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