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Sulo puppy collar, dark brown

Sulo pentupanta
  • Sulo pentupanta
  • Sulo puppy collar, dark brown

Sulo puppy collar is specially designed to fit for puppies and small dogs. Sulo puppy collar is handmade in Finland from the high-quality vegetable tanned leathers of Tärnsjö Graver. The color is beautiful deep dark brown. The inside of the collar is lined with a black leather that matches the colour and width of the dark brown leather surface. The high quality of the materials ensures that the collar ages beautifully in use. We also offer a matching Sulo puppy leash to use together with this classically beautiful collar.

Collar size
Width 15 mm (0,6 inches)
30 cm (11,8 inches) - adjustment 20-30 cm (7,8-11,8 inches)
35 cm (13,8 inches) - adjustment 25-35 cm (9,8-13,8 inches)

CHOOSING THE COLLAR – Our collars have an adjustment scale that ensures you get the perfect fit for your furry friend. Measure your dog's neck size and choose the collar accordingly. In the right collar, your dog's neck size should be right in the middle of the scale.

29,00 €

Further details

The surface and lining are vegetable tanned leathers from Tärnsjö Graver. The leathers have been tanned without chromium. The surface leather can feel a little stiff at first, but it will soften and adapt to the dog's neck after only a couple of uses.

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