Höyhensaari dog bed, Stone

Kind Höyhensaari-koiranpeti, väri Stone (pehmeä ruskeanharmaa)

Höyhensaari dog bed is a wonderfully fluffy bed that will ensure a good night's sleep for your furry friend. The mattress is filled with ball fibre and feather, making the bed easily fluffed. That's why this bed is perfect for the dog who loves to burrow into the bed for the perfect sleeping position. The cover is made from 100 % denim-like cotton, colour Stone (soft grey brown). The bed is available in two size: S & M. We also know that dogs love rummaging outside: that's why the cotton cover can be machine washed.

123,00 €

Further details

The cover is made of 100 % cotton

The interior pillow is made of 60 % polyester ball fibre, 40 % feather

The cover can be machine washed in 30 C (cold, 65-85 F) with a delicate setting. We recommend that you vacuum the bed regularly and remove any bigger stains immediately. Freshen the interior pillow by airing it out.


S - 80x60x12 cm
M - 100x80x12 cm

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