Nokoset Pink dog bed

In Nokoset dog bed, your dog can enjoy a perfect, calming nap in between adventures. The interior pillow of the Nokoset dog bed is filled with ball fibre and feather, allowing your dog to find the perfect position every time. The loose filling doesn't gather into one corner, and fluffing the pillow will keep it soft and snug. Like all Kind dog beds, the exterior is washable in 30 C (machine wash cold, 65-85 F). The Nokoset Pink dog bed is available in size S.

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Further details

The cover is made of 100% synthetic blended fabric

The interior pillow is made of 60 % polyester ball fibre, 40 % feather.

The cover can be machine washed in 30 C (cold, 65-85 F) with a delicate setting. We recommend that you vacuum the bed regularly and remove any bigger stains immediately. Freshen the interior pillow by airing it out.


S - 78x58x5 cm

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