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Meet our furry friends

Our four-legged models

We had the priviledge of working with six helpful four-legged models in our product photoshoot. You can imagine that there was a lot of commotion – we had models in all sizes, from the tiniest XS to the towering XXXXL. On this site, we're going to introduce these furry friends one by one. First, let us introduce Jaska, the Great Dane.


Jaska, or more officially Jaakko kulta, is a male Great Dane. This gallant giant loves walks in the forest, so we took him out for a photoshoot in the forest and nearby field. 

At home, Jaska loves roaming the forests with his owners. We can only imagine how much he looks like an elk with his long legs – the only thing he's missing are the antlers! Jaska is rarely seen without Kaisa – no, not another dog. Kaisa is Jaska's precious stuffed toy. He knows his toy by name, and will start searching for it if you ask him: “Where's Kaisa?” 

Jaska helped us model the Höyhensaari and Nokoset dog beds, and he certainly kicked back on both of them. His owners tell us this is normal, so we're glad to say Jaska felt at home in our dog beds.


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