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Natural dog products

Designed with dogs' wellbeing in mind

At the heart of our brand Kind for Dogs lies a commitment to improve and redefine the dog product business by creating dog products that support the well-being of our beloved dogs.

We use natural, high-quality raw materials, such as undyed linen, recycled wool and pure cotton, in our functional and simplistic yet appealing dog beds, dog feeding products and home décor that are lovingly made in Finland and in Estonia. Dogs truly love the feel of natural fibres that make them feel comfortable.

Natural fibers are antistatic and doesn’t create a static cling to dog’s fur. Unlike synthetic fibers, natural raw materials doesn’t either make rustling noise that can make your dog feel uncomfy. Natural fibers breath well, provide warmth and your dog friend can snuggle up in a relaxing sleep.

We all know that dogs love rummaging outside. To make sure that you can keep your dog (and home) fresh and clean, we choose only materials to our collection that can be machine washed. But what we don’t want to our dog products are the “easy care” chemical treatments, water and dirt repellers  which are commonly used in upholstery fabrics. We can only guess what kind of harm these chemical treatments cause our dogs and ourselves.

Deep in our hearts, we know that we are on the right path. Dogs are our best friends and dear family members who help us to stay in touch with nature. Our faithful friends make us realize how important is to return to the basics and see the beauty of life around us. Every choice we make in our homes have an effect on the well-being of our dogs. We all wish that our beloved dogs will live long, happy and healthy lives by our side.

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